How Does Garcinia Cambogia Work?

Garcinia Cambogia’s most active ingredient is the acidic chemical HCA (Hydroxycitric Acid). HCA is a found in citric acid as a by-product. This HCA is said to choke the enzymes that are used by the body to store fat. In theory, the body fat is meant to be burned down as calories. Unproven claims have been made that garcinia cambogia stimulates the production of excess serotonin hormone – the feel-good hormone. This hormone is supposed to decrease stress levels and stress eating habits.

how garcinia cambogia work

There have been mixed reactions on whether garcinia cambogia really works with two clear factions split on either extreme ends. There have been cases of GC aiding users to lose significant pounds even without any exercise, the fruit has been found to affect the diet and the appetite for food.

There are, however, been reported cases of side effects that are associated with this supplement. Some of the reported cases include liver damages, kidney and liver failures, digestive issues, feeling fatigued among others.

The running assumption amongst users is that being a natural fruit, it is, therefore, safe to use. Our question still remains, is this fruit safe for weight loss? Should you give it a try? Are there hidden truths that are underlying in relation to this way of losing weight?

In conclusion, as much as there are many purported drugs and supplements to help with weight loss, the most ideal and safest way of life is proper dietary requirements and doing plenty of exercises. The rest of them all should be treated as a fad and taken with a pinch great care.