Top 4 Fitness Tips For Women

Poor fitness levels and obesity are steadily emerging as chronic problems for the woman of today. Dealing with mounting levels of stress and work pressure is undoubtedly taking a toll on the health of working women, leaving them with little or no time to exercise.

Naturally, lack of physical exertion is being manifested in obesity in a broad cross-section of women who are also being subjected to the various health problems associated with it.

  1. It’s a good idea to focus on your successes rather than sulking about your failures. It’s important to feel good about yourself and start with a positive frame of mind. Try to recollect your achievements and occasions where you have stuck to your commitments and motivated yourself successfully. This will help you forget your failures and concentrate on your future goals.
  2. When you plan out your fitness regime, always attempt weights before cardio. Most women spend countless hours doing cardio-vascular exercises and keep loads for later. It’s better to do weight training first since it is a vital part of your workout. What’s more, reversing the order will also yield faster and better results. Therefore, work on the weights first and then tire yourself out on the treadmill. Also while undergoing personal training, make sure you are keeping an eye on your heart rate. Women must work out to a maximum limit of 75-80% of the regular heart rate. It’s a good idea to have a heart rate monitor at hand.
  3. Do not overexert yourself. For women, the maximum duration of a workout should not exceed one hour. Stretching yourself unnecessarily could make your workouts tedious and boring. It’s better to make your sessions short, exciting and fun. This will make you look forward to your daily workouts. Grueling workouts are hardly useful; they can only drain your energy leaving you tired and exhausted.
  4. The best way to go about improving fitness levels is a self-support. Learn the art of leading yourself gradually into the fitness regime. Make positive changes in your lifestyle and diet. Help yourself to adjust to the fitness schedule by learning to motivate yourself at every step. Never hate yourself for lack of commitment. Keep the spirits high, and the results will be there for you to see.